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One Direction Takes us On Romantic Dates in ‘Night Changes’ Teasers

Every day this week, the guys of One Direction have been dangling teasers in front of us for their upcoming music video, Night Changes, like it’s a piece of meat. And let me be the first to say… I want a taste of it!

On Sunday, Zayn stole our hearts while handing “us” a bouquet of flowers and enjoying a romantic dinner for just the two of us.

Then, on Monday, Louis took us on a romantic stroll alongside the riverfront, while looking oh so dapper with his hair slicked back and wearing a trench coat.

And for those of us who are barring this wintry weather today, Niall warms us up on a very quant date. While sitting next to a fire, Niall prepares hot chocolate for two, while snuggling up to an adorable puppy.

…Be still our hearts!

Night Changes is set to premiere Friday, so just imagine how absolutely perfect our dates will be with Liam and Harry.

The suspense is killing me! Which teaser is your favorite thus far? Leave a comment below letting us know!


Harry Styles Thoughts on Dating Men: ‘Don’t Knock it Until You Try it’

Harry Styles knows just what to say to take a girls breath away. But when it comes to him and his thoughts on same-sex loving, he knows just what to say to send his fans into a total panic attack!

It all started last week when the 20-year-old sat down with band-mate, Liam Payne, and On Demand Entertainment to discuss some very important issues such as their highly anticipated fourth studio album FOUR and what they look for in significant others. While Payne opened the conversation with a pretty obvious response by saying , “Female. That is an important trait.” Harry chimed in joking, “Not that important,” and went on to say a “sense of humor” and being “nice to people” are traits he looks for in a lover.

Be still our fan girl (or guy) hearts.

Fast forward to this week… Sunday to be exact, when the guys sat down with The Sun and chatted about who they all think Niall Horan should hook up with. Why you may ask? Well, Louis Tomlinson has the answer.

“Every new trip we say that Niall’s slept with a different celebrity. Who should it be this time?” Louis reportedly asked during the interview. While Niall himself suggested Rihanna, because as true 1D fans, we all know Rihanna is his celebcrush, Harry threw out the idea of Ariana Grande.

Then The Sun threw out the idea of choosing a male crush, Harry joked, “Hey, don’t knock it til you try it.”

But lets be honest, we all know Harry Styles loves the ladies!

Is One Direction Getting Their Own TV Show?

Credit: Perez Hilton
Credit: Perez Hilton

If you’re a One Direction fan, then you may want to sit down for this one… with a TV dinner in hand.

Simon Cowell has revealed that Harry, Liam. Louis, Niall, and Zayn may be coming to a television set near you in their very own reality show.

…Yeah, let that tidbit of good news sink in for a little bit.

“I think there’s something in the works,” he admitted. “A possible TV show. We’re going to talk about that in the next couple of weeks. They’re always busy these guys.”

Is there anything these guys can’t do. Seriously, they sing, dance (kind of), have their own movies, and are incredibly irresistible! With a potential reality show in the talks, One Direction’s resume is looking mighty fine right now!

Would you be a fan of 1D having a reality show? Comment below leaving us the scoop.

One Direction go Behind the Scenes on Midnight Memories.

One Direction and VEVO have released 4 separate videos featuring exclusive footage from their latest video, Midnight Memories. The video was released a little over a week ago and has already reached nearly 17 million views. In an effort to promote the single and the video, these behind the scene clips give us a little glimpse into a day of filming with 1D on the loose.

Check out the clip below and head over to VEVO to see the rest and let us know what you think of the videos!

-Maika Chery

Niall Horan Using Downtime To Cure Phobia

According to Dailystar, One Direction’s, Niall Horan, is spending his knee surgery recovery time to catch up on his reading.  And it’s not light reading either.  Niall is pouring through self-help books in order to overcome claustrophobia and panic attacks.  He’s so invested in conquering his fear that he’s reading three books a week!  Which, personally, makes me feel like a slacker.

You can check out the article on the dailystar.co.uk site, and we wish Niall the best!

In the meantime, here are some pics from yesterday of Niall, and his crutches, visiting the Derby County Football Club.  The club posted these fun pics on their official Instagram and Twitter.

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/dcfcofficial
Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/dcfcofficial

One Direction Headlining a Coffee Cup Near You?

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Have you ever fantasized about starting your morning off sipping coffee with Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn? Well now, you can… sort of.

According to the Daily Star, One Direction will debut a new cafés this Tuesday in Shibuya, Japan.

Despite the looming grand opening, we’ve yet to find official word on the restaurant’s name or exact location, but a source likens the venture to “the lads’ version of Planet Hollywood.”

So what can directioners expect from this little place of heaven?

Oh you know, just some themed menu items, 1D tunes around the clock, and oodles of memorabilia and merchandising — we’re hoping for the classic 90s-style leather jackets, obviously.

If all goes well in Shibuya, One Directions crew will reportedly look to London next, followed closely by international hubs such as New York, Berlin, and Paris.

Oh La La!!

Considering the boys’ Midas touch, your local Starbucks will probably be overrun by this time next year. But keep morning-after discussion of your ‘Midnight Memories’ PG — according to the Daily Star’s source, “The cafés’s will be very child friendly for younger fans.”

Serving pre-teens caffeine with Zayn Malik’s face on the cup: your best idea yet, Simon Cowell! Parents around the world salute you.

What do you think about the possibility of starting your morning off with the guys? Leave us a comment giving us the scoop.

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One Direction Release ‘Midnight Memories’ Video

Photo: The Hot Hits
Photo: The Hot Hits

Lame house parties? No one has time for that… especially not the guys of One Direction.

With the premiere of their latest music video, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn show you how they can turn an awkward party into some ‘Midnight Memories.’

After bum rushing a kabob joint, the fellas take over the streets of London, hitting on some ‘older’ women, snatching a boat from right under the po-po’s nose, and ending up on top of the iconic London Tower Bridge. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Oh, and did I mention they look good while doing it? What do you think of ‘Midnight Memories?’ Leave us some scoop on One Direction’s newest video.