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Harry Styles Thoughts on Dating Men: ‘Don’t Knock it Until You Try it’

Harry Styles knows just what to say to take a girls breath away. But when it comes to him and his thoughts on same-sex loving, he knows just what to say to send his fans into a total panic attack!

It all started last week when the 20-year-old sat down with band-mate, Liam Payne, and On Demand Entertainment to discuss some very important issues such as their highly anticipated fourth studio album FOUR and what they look for in significant others. While Payne opened the conversation with a pretty obvious response by saying , “Female. That is an important trait.” Harry chimed in joking, “Not that important,” and went on to say a “sense of humor” and being “nice to people” are traits he looks for in a lover.

Be still our fan girl (or guy) hearts.

Fast forward to this week… Sunday to be exact, when the guys sat down with The Sun and chatted about who they all think Niall Horan should hook up with. Why you may ask? Well, Louis Tomlinson has the answer.

“Every new trip we say that Niall’s slept with a different celebrity. Who should it be this time?” Louis reportedly asked during the interview. While Niall himself suggested Rihanna, because as true 1D fans, we all know Rihanna is his celebcrush, Harry threw out the idea of Ariana Grande.

Then The Sun threw out the idea of choosing a male crush, Harry joked, “Hey, don’t knock it til you try it.”

But lets be honest, we all know Harry Styles loves the ladies!


Zayn Malik: #Free Palestine

Zayn Malik, one fifth of mega band, One Direction, made headlines last night after tweeting #Free Palestine to his 13 million followers. The Muslim-raised singer, usually quiet on the social media front, tweeted his support on the eve of Eid, which marks the end of a month long fast of Ramadan.

Malik’s tweet was retweeted over 150 thousand times and was met with both positive and negative responses from all over the internet. Several celebrities have tweeted their support for Palestine in the past few weeks, only to have it taken down within minutes. As of time of press, his tweet still remains.

Season 7 Sons of Anarchy Return Date revealed!

The final season of FX’s wildly popular show, Sons of Anarchy, will officially return on September 9th with an hour and 45 minute long episode! FX put out a small spoiler, stating that the show would pick up 10 days after the BRUTAL murder of Tara, with “Jax in jail on a parole violation, grappling with the loss of the woman he loved. With the club’s full support, he sets in motion the brutal machinations that will lead to complete and merciless retribution.”

The show is coming to an end after an impressive 7 season run. The premiere will be followed by Anarchy Afterword, a live post show hosted by Chris Fanjola. Bring it on!


Shia LaBeouf Checked Into Rehab!

(via: Fox News)
(via: Fox News)

After a  controversial weekend consisting of getting kicked out of a Broadway musical, being arrested, getting thrown out of a restaurant for urinating in the parking lot, and picking a fight with a random stranger, Shia LaBeouf is allegedly seeking help for his bad boy behaviors.

…thank God!

Following his oh so dramatic trip to NYC,  the 28-year-old actor reportedly checked himself into a Hollywood rehab facility today. It’s been said that he was spotted carrying an Alcoholics Anonymous book on his way in.

For months now, LaBeouf has been spiraling out of control right in front of our very eyes. So here’s to hoping he gets the help he needs to become the gorgeous man we love!

Jlo and Casper Split!

(via: blogspot)
(via: blogspot)

After 3 years of romance, singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and her backup dancer/choreographer boyfriend, Casper Smart, have seemingly called it quits.  The couple were last spotted together on May 28, sharing a blanket beachside, but reports state that the twosome have been in the “process” of breaking up for a few months now.  Smart, 27, and Lopez, 44, romance began shortly after the singer divorced from singer Marc Anthony in 2011.

So far, it seems that things remain friendly between the exes! Better luck next time, J-Lo!


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Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Expecting Baby No. 3

(via: Us Weekly)
(via: Us Weekly)

Reportedly, Kanye West stood up at his wedding reception and said, “The Kardashian’s are an industry.” Well that industry is about to get even bigger.

Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly pregnant with her third child, turning her and Scott Disick’s family of four into a family of five.

Sources told Us Weekly, that this pregnancy didn’t come to a surprise to the couple. After all, they plan on having a “handful of kids.”

“[Kourtney] is only a few months along,” but the Keeping Up with The Kardashians stars are expecting a December baby.

As for whether Mason, 4, and Penelope, 23 months, will have a little brother or sister, that still remains a mystery.




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Giuliana & Bill Hit with Another Miscarriage

(Via: abcnews)
(Via: abcnews)

Giuliana and Bill Rancic have had their fair share of ups and downs when it comes to building their very own family.

Even after welcoming baby Duke into their lives, with the help of their surrogate, Delphine, G&B are still finding it hard to turn their family of three into a family of four.

According to People, Bill revealed that throughout this season of Giuliana and Bill, they were trying to have another baby but are now facing yet another loss.

“Unfortunately our surrogate Delphine who we love very much had a miscarriage. It’s something that we didn’t see coming. We were devastated. She was about nine weeks pregnant. We were pretty close to getting into the safe zone.”

So have the Rancic’s had enough of heartbreaks? 

“We’re fighters. Hopefully we’re going to have good news and Delphine will be on board one more time. We’ve had to battle it out and that’s something that we’re going to continue to do.”

But for now, Bill and Giuliana are focusing on their future with their little ladies man, Duke.

“Duke just turned 21 months and he’s a ball of energy. From the minute he wakes up he is just running. He just walks up to ladies at the Coffee Bean and starts batting his eyelashes and smiling at them. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Catch the season finale of Giuliana and Bill on E! this Tuesday to see the doctor break the news that the pregnancy was unsuccessful.

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