The Girls Behind the Scoop

The Extra Scoop is all about two girls and their take on the world of entertainment.

Hi! I’m Maika and I’m a pop culture connoisseur! I love being  behind the scenes and will be bringing the latest and greatest to our readers. My passions lie mostly in music entertainment, but my love knows know boundaries. I currently live in sunny Los Angeles, but I hail from Miami, Florida. Keep your eye on our page for a little bit of everything!

2013-11-09 13.14.52

Hi! I’m Celeste, an aspiring entertainment reporter. If you want to know the latest celebrity gossip, I’m your go to girl. I have a passion for entertainment and love to share that with others through my writing. My motto is “Make me like Giuliana (Rancic). I dream of sitting down with celebrities, just like Giuliana, and finding out what makes them who they are. And I seriously won’t stop until I reach that goal. For now, Maika and I want you to sit back, and enjoy the ride with us!



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