A Night of Oscars Firsts

While last night’s Oscars may go down in history for the most-retweeted selfie on Twitter, there were a couple of other notable Oscar moments that you may want to remember for your next Trivia Night.

Taking home the biggest award of the night, “12 Years a Slave” now holds the distinction for being the first film from a black director to win the Best Picture prize.  British director Steve McQueen accepted his well-deserved award for the historical slavery drama based upon the memoirs of Solomon Northup.  This first-time occurrence seems shocking when you consider the great works of such critically acclaimed black directors such as Spike Lee, John Singleton, Antoine Fuqua, and Lee Daniels – all who have previously had films nominated for Oscars.

Source: Reuters

It also took 86 Academy Awards for the first Latin American director to be honored with the Best Director Oscar.  Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón won the honor for his film “Gravity” which walked away with seven awards – the most of the night.  Outside of best director, the space thriller did most of its award damage in the technical categories.

Source: Reuters

We can only hope the Academy continues to think outside the box by honoring innovative and talented filmmakers regardless of their race, gender, sexual-orientation, and cultural background.  Hopefully next year will be another year of great Oscar firsts.  Don’t give up yet, Leo!

Source: http://diariocorreo.pe

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