One Direction- No Split in Sight!

(via Sugarscape)

Have no fears Directioners, 1D plan on being around…at least until 2050!

Speaking to the Sun, Harry Styles assured everyone that their current 3 months hiatus is just that. “We’re not breaking up. We’ve spent every day together for months and I forgot what my mom looked like. It’s just holidays,” Styles was quoted as saying.

Liam Payne continued: “We have been writing away for the next album and rehearsals are just about to start soon for the tour. We’re not splitting up. We’re on WhatsApp messaging each other all the time, talking about song ideas and just funny stuff from our day.I miss the boys but if you don’t see your family you would go mad.”

There you have it. And if that wasn’t enough proof, Liam made sure to add: “We don’t want to be on The Big Reunion next year. We don’t want to be on The Big Reunion ever. Well, maybe in 2050.”

Sounds good to us!

-Maika Chery


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