Jennifer Lawrence Stuns in New Dior Ad!

(via: Dior)
(via: Dior)

The third time is most definitely a charm for Jennifer Lawrence as she looks completely flawless in her third campaign ad for Dior. And coincidentally, the 23-year-old’s feature has arrived just in time for the Oscars to roll around.

The actress stuns in a series of black and white shots that showcases the chain-handled Miss Dior bag, alongside Lawrences infamous short, tousled hair. And according to Women’s Wear Daily, the ad will make its official debut in Marie Claire, U.K. on Thursday, followed by Vanity Fair’s April issue here in the U.S.

Jennifer has been notorious for walking the red carpet in Dior. In fact, this time last year, she made falling walking up the stairs look flawless as she tripped over her Dior gown. In a video, that will go up next week on Dior‘s website, the Hunger Games star discusses being able to actually go to Dior‘s fashion house to pick out the couture of her dreams for the 2014 Oscars. She also jokes about her fall due to her Dior gown last year saying, “They need to make it more accessible for stairs in my opinion.”

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence’s photos for Dior’s ad?

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