Kylie continues her takeover with new music and live performances.

Pop Queen Kylie Minogue gave a surprise performance at London pub, The Old Blue Last on Thursday night, debuting new music off of her upcoming album, Kiss Me Once. The 45 year old Aussie star donned a sleek bob wig and a flapper style for the secret and intimate set that included her latest single “Into the Blue”, the debut of new song “Les Sex” and her classic hit, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. Kiss Me Once is executive produced by Ms. Minogue herself along with Sia and also features songs written and produced by Pharrell Williams.

In a recent interview with Capital FM, Kylie spoke about her experience working in the studio with Mr. Williams. “It was a dream come true because I’ve wanted to work with him for a long time. I had two days with him, and we did two songs, one of which is on my album and it’s called ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’. Because I was having the worst day, you know… when you’re having one of those days. Everything was too much! So my second day going in I was literally talking to myself saying, ‘Keep it together, this is a very important day, it’s Pharrell’… And then I burst into tears as soon as I got there. That’s why he wrote ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’ because I really didn’t feel like going, but I kind of had to go”.

If the latest tracks are any indication of what to expect off of the new album, we’ll sure be glad that Kylie decided to show up to the studio.

Into The Blue

Les Sex

Can’t Get You Out My Head

In case you missed it, Kylie Minogue and Enrique Iglesias’ new duet, “Beautiful” premiered on radio yesterday, February 15th. The duet will be featured on Kylie’s upcoming album, Kiss Me Once as well as on Enrique’s tenth studio album, Sex + Love. Listen to the song here and give us the scoop on what you think of the latest from Kylie and Enrique.


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