See What Really Goes On Inside Shia LaBeouf’s Art Exhibit

(via: TUMBLR)
(via: TUMBLR)

In the last couple of weeks, Shia LaBeouf has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Plagiarizing, bar fights,  the infamous brown paper bag ensemble he wore on the red carpet. The list goes on and on. But now, he is apologizing to everyone the only way he knows how, by showcasing himself in his very own art exhibit.

The #IAMSORRY installation has been going on all week in Los Angeles, and has attracted thousands of curious “fans” that are willing to wait in line for hours just to see what all the hype was about.

And to be honest… I’d probably wait to see Shia myself. But there’s one problem.. I’m not in L.A.

Well… lucky for me, I mean all of us who aren’t able to experience the #IAMSORRY exhibit for ourselves, a guy from Screen Junkies got the brilliant idea to capture his moment with the 26-year-old actor turned plagiarist. And I’m just warning you all… the footage is completely awkward!

The guy literally starts off by taking the bag off Shia’s head… ballsy!

I would love to continue explaining the scenario to you all, but seriously it’s better to just see for your self.

Watch the video and comment below letting us know your thoughts, feelings, and concerns!

-Celeste Piraino


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