Olympian Gus Kensworthy Saves Puppies & Looks Good Doing it!

Is there anything better then hot athletes with puppies? The answer to that question is yes… Olympian Gus Kensworthy holding multiple adorable puppies!

The 22-year-old slope skier has not only proven to the world that he’s capable of winning medals, but that he has a heart of gold! Kensworthy took to Twitter to share the most amazing photos of him with several stray puppies that he plans on rescuing, and taking back to the states with him.

“Oh my glob, look who I just found! #sochistrays,” he said along with a photo of himself with a puppy in his lap that seriously made me fall in love with him!

(via: Twitter)
(via: Twitter)

But that’s not all…

He posted a second picture that is destined to make you swoon. “Puppy love is real to puppies,” Gus captioned with an arm full of four little guys!

(via: Twitter)
(via: Twitter)

So how does Gus plan on calling these little guys his own?

“Spent all afternoon playing with a gang of stray puppies here in Sochi,” he wrote throughout the week. “Looking into finding a way to bring them home with me but also don’t want to take them away from their mama because she was being super cute and protective over them. I bought them some food and I’ll go visit them again tomorrow. Also, for the people wondering, I’ve lined up kennels 4 the pups & made vaccination appointments,” he tweeted. “Doing all I can to bring them home w/ me!”

But on Thursday, Kensworthy’s focus was clearly on taking home a medal in the Winter Olympics very first men’s ski slope style competition, where he not only walked away with a silver medal, but Team USA swept the entire competition. Joss Christensen, 22, won the gold medal while Nick Groepper, 19, took home the bronze medal.

Well it’s official… Gus Kensworthy has won my heart over this Valentines Day!

-Celeste Piraino


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