Mean Girls Reunion: Cady, Damien, & Kevin G Ten Years Later!

(via: Instagram)
(via: Instagram)

Lindsay Lohan’s Mean Girls reunions are seriously getting to be “so fetch!”

Just last night, Lohan shared a fabulous picture of her hanging out with Daniel Franzese and Rajiv Surendra, better known as Damien and Kevin G, on Instagram. The best part about the photo was that Lilo herself couldn’t help but bring back the infamous Mean Girls quote “#youcantsitwithus” to caption the moment.

Franzese, aka Damien, Instagrammed the same photo to show everyone, the proper way to celebrate a 10 year reunion.

Yes… it’s been 10 years since Mean Girls changed our lives for the very first time.

He captioned the photo with a numerous amounts of celebratory hashtags:  “Whhhat!? North Shore Reunion continues!@lindsaylohan #RajivSurendra and @whatsupdanny #DamiansYearbooks#NorthShore10yrReunion #klangkarussell #DamnAfrica #ImissLizzyCaplan.”

But last nights reunion wasn’t the only one that happened… this month!

On February 5th, Lindsay and Daniel took the world by surprise when they both took to Instagram to show, that even if Cady didn’t give Damien his pink shirt back, they are able to put that aside and still remain besties… even 10 years later.

(via: Instagram)
(via: Instagram)

While Lohan captioned the photo with, “#soquiche #WerkNYC,” Franzese added a little touch of Mean Girls saying, “Sexy #regram from @LindsayLohan a classic NYC moment after an amazing dinner at #BodegaNegra You can’t sit with u.”

Now I don’t know about you, but all these reunions make me want to wear pink on Wednesdays and watch the movie, while saying every line.

-Celeste Piraino

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