Percy Jackson Coming to the Stage…. No Really

Remember how after you watched Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, you thought to yourself, “This would make a great musical”?  No?  Well clearly you and I both lacked vision.

A casting notice was put out in Backstage for The Lightning Thief, a musical based upon Rick Riordan’s first book in the successful middle grade “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” series.  And while the film deviated substantially from the book, the casting for this musical seems to be attempting to stay true to Riordan’s original vision.

Most amusing, however, is how the description for Percy Jackson has the casting directors looking for someone like Daniel Radcliffe, young Johnny Galecki, or Toby Maguire.  No mention at all for anyone like Logan Lerman, the actual lead of the film, but perhaps that’s the musical’s creators way of admitting that the book reads like a Greek god version of Harry Potter in the first place.

As strange as all this may sound, it’s actually not a far-fetched idea to experiment with this franchise.  When the original film was released in early 2010, its domestic gross fell just around 10 million short of its 90 million dollar budget.  It had no problem making up that difference and exceeding expectations with its worldwide gross, which was enough to have its sequel, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters green-lit.  While the second installment of the series did slightly worse domestically, it managed to sustain itself in the top ten at the box office for five weeks straight.  It’s worldwide gross came close to that of “Lightning Thief,” proving that this franchise has the legs to stand on for a possible third film or, we suppose, a musical.

Check out the casting notice at the Backstage website!

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