Does Harry Styles Think One Direction’s Bigger Than The Beatles?

Photo Credit: The Independent
Photo Credit: The Independent

No one can deny the fact that One Direction has become one of the biggest boy bad phenomenons ever!

But can they be considered bigger than The Beatles? One Direction’s very own Harry Styles sure thinks so… in a way.

The newly turned 20-year-old made a comment to Top of the Pops to compare the two bands saying:

“We all sat and watched the film of [The Beatles] arriving in America. And, to be honest, that really was like us. Stepping off the plane, the girls, the madness. It was exactly the same as when we got there–just 50 years earlier. But none of us think we’re in the same league as them music-wise. We’d be total fools if we did. Fame-wise, it’s probably even bigger, but we don’t stand anywhere near them in terms of music.”

Can you compare One Direction to The Beatles? Comment below leaving us your scoop on Harry’s comment.


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