Demi Lovato Shines on Neon Lights Tour With Help From Nick Jonas

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Demi Lovato’s highly anticipated Neon Lights tour kicked off last night in Vancouver and if the tour title was any indication, then the tour was a feast for the eyes as promised.

Supported by Little Mix and Fifth Harmony, the Neon Lights tour is under the supervision of Nick Jonas, who is serving as Lovato’s Creative and Musical Director. The brother Jonai’s responsibilities include overseeing video content, wardrobe, staging, lighting, and creating the arrangements for the songs.

Demi Lovato even admitted to MTV News that the tour was “90 percent his work.”

After last night’s debut, I think we can confidently raise that number to 95% as luminary Jonas appeared on stage with Lovato to duet  3 times throughout the headlining act. The Camp Rock co-stars performed acoustic renditions of Here We Go Again, Catch Me, and Stop The World, all tracks off of Lovato’s sophomore album. Stop The World is a track co-penned by Jonas.

Can they just make it official and become a duo already? The next she and him. El y Ella. Check out their enjoyable rendition of Can’t Stop The World while you mull that idea over.

The vocals and performances from start to finish were flawless. Well done. Congratulations to all the acts on the Neon Lights tour for a successful kick off of the 2014 girl power tour featuring Nick Jonas!

Check out some of Little Mix’s memorable performances:


Word Up (AKA the cover you never knew you wanted)


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