Zac Efron Confirms Talks of Being in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

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Zac Efron could be coming to a theater near you in a huge franchise in the not so ‘far far away’ future.

The 26-year-old actor has indeed confirmed to MTV News that he is in the talks of joining the cast and crew in Star Wars: Episode VII.

…Pause for reaction!

“Yeah, I just went and met with them,” Zac said. “So I don’t know it would be cool. I love [the Star Wars movies], I love them, but… who knows?”

But Zac isn’t the only one writer J.J. Abrams is considering for the role.

Recently, Abrams confirmed that Breaking Bad‘s very own Jesse Lemons, aka Todd, is also in the running.

Now, no offense to Jesse… but I think Zac has what it takes to handle a light saber. Don’t tell me you don’t remember the hilarious scene from 17 Again. If not… take a look below to refreshen your memory.

What do you think about the High School Musical hottie being in Star Wars? Comment below leaving us your scoop.

–Celeste Piraino



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