Jason Derulo’s International Hit Song “Talk Dirty” Video Makeover!

‘Talk Dirty’ , the incredibly infectious tune by Jason Derulo (does anyone else sing his name or is it just me?) , is currently sitting pretty on the Billboard top ten charts but this is just one more chart its conquered. The song has been a hit in nearly every place it’s been released in, and it is showing no signs of slowing down, especially when bands like One Direction have shown it love. That’s right, 1D recorded their own shirtless and dance filled version of the song late last year, and aired it during their 1D day special. And what a video it was!

And now, 1D has inspired Jason to create another version of the hit song. and this time it will feature Jason and his more popular friends! From the likes of Robin Thicke, Fifth Harmony, and Ariana Grande this video sounds like it’s going to be loved just as much as the song is. Here’s Jason talking to Arsenio Hall about the new video and surprising the audience by including them!

Lucky people! Who else can’t wait for the new vid?

-Maika Chery


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