Zayn Malik: Official Ambassador for the British Asian Trust

Zayn Malik, 1D’s resident crooner, has been officially named as an ambassador for the British Asian Trust. The trust aims to help the disadvantaged in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Malik, of Pakistan descent, joins the ranks of Dev Patel, as the latest celebrity to assist with the Trust.

Hitan Mehta, Executive Director of the Asian Trust said,  “We are delighted to welcome Zayn Malik to The British Asian Trust family; he is a young man with immense talent and a dedicated following.”

The gorgeous Bradford born crooner has been enjoying his time off from his full time job as a member of One Direction. The usually quiet Malik has been popping up on twitter recently from tweeting support to his fiance, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, to posting selfies, it’s been a fun filled Zayn break! Check out the latest pictures to grace our twitter pages via the hottie himself:

Zayn and the rest of the members of One Direction are due to be back to work in March. Until then, let’s hope the boys continue this trend of selfies!
– Maika Chery

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