Little Mix continue to conquer the U.S.. My Application for citizenship to Thirlwall is pending.

Little Mix continued their U.S. promo for their new album, “Salute” appearing on Extra and Access Hollywood Live. The girls slayed, breaking into an a cappella version of “Move” live on the freezing streets of New York City proving once more that there is nothing like live vocals.

The stateside promotional blitz also included an appearance on Bravo’s  Watch What Happens Live last night. Particularly impressive considering how the show’s formatting rarely includes a musical performance from an artist who isn’t a Real Housewife. Bless. And can we discuss how Jade’s style has been on point for the Little Mix Revolution? Kudos to their styling. And a good ol’ welcome back to Perrie’s eyeliner. We’ve missed you!

image source: tumblr

The girls will also be appearing on Wendy Williams on Thursday, February 6, 2014 so set your dvrs and remember to come back to The Extra Scoop tomorrow for the latest Little Mix dish!


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