‘Little Couple’ Star Jennifer Arnold: “ME 1 vs CANCER 0”

Photo Credit: Zap2it
Photo Credit: Zap2it

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and husband, Bill Klein, from TLC’s Little Couple, have a lot to celebrate on World Cancer Day.

The reality star took to Twitter on Tuesday to make a huge announcement saying, “What a wonderful way to celebrate #WorldCancerDay! I am done with cancer.”

Just two months after revealing to the public that she was battling a rare form of cancer called choriocarcinoma, the mother of two has defeated her cancer and is currently in remission.

“It’s official- ME 1 vs CANCER 0… I WIN! Thank you for all the prayers, thoughts, and support,” she continued.

Arnold then opened up to People about how she’s doing now saying, “I had my official last chemo treatment. And while I’m hesitant to say I’m cancer-free– maybe that’s common for people who have  had cancer– I’m doing great. Everything is movie in the right direction. I am very excited!”

But getting to where she is now, wasn’t an easy ride.

“It actually got harder as more time went on,” Arnold admitted. “Some weeks were more difficult than others with different side effects. I had a lot of fatigue and nausea and some days it just felt like my hands and feet were very heavy.”

Luckily, the Little Couple star had Bill and her two children, Will, 3, and Zoey, 2, by her side to give her a lot of necessary tender love and care.

“Bill knows when I’m not doing well and he takes such good care of me,” Arnold said. “That was huge. That and enjoying watching my children play was a huge uplifting part of my treatment. With kids running around, you don’t have much time to feel sorry for yourself.”

Although Jennifer hasn’t been able to go back to work full-time, she’s been loving the time spent with her family.

Written By: Celeste Piraino

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