Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death: 50 Bags of Heroine Found

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Despite friends believing Philip Seymour Hoffman was making the right steps towards becoming a recovered man,it seems as though his inner demons got the best of him, after his body was discovered with a needle still injected into his arm.

Investigators searched the Oscar winners apartment following his tragic death from an overdose, where they found up to 50 bags of envelopes full of heroine. But that’s not all they found. Unfortunately, more then 20 used syringes were discovered along with prescription drugs and empty envelopes that, at one point or another, were more then likely full of heroine.

David Kaz, the unfortunate man who found Hoffman lying on his bathroom floor, opened up to The New York Times about the last time he was with the Hunger Games actor saying that he was “clean and sober, his old self.”

Katz continued to say, “I really thought this chapter was over.”

Although Hoffman’s autopsy was scheduled for today (Feb 3), the toxicology-test results won’t be available to the public right away.

Written by: Celeste Piraino

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