AHS Coven Finale Review


American Horror Story ended it’s third incarnation last night with the finale of AHS: Coven and all I can say is what was the point? The surprise of the evening was the crowning of the supreme, ending with the ascension of the show’s underdog to the high throne of the occult. It seemed as though everything had come full circle by the end of the series for both Cordelia and Fiona. However, the same couldn’t be said for the rest of the show. As is typically the case with AHS, plot holes existed and there were story lines that were either forgotten, abandoned or never seemed to go anywhere, but fans of AHS are no strangers to a tease (the alien storyline from Asylum anyone?)

The show opened with music video like sequence where Stevie Nicks sang “Seven Wonders” as the witches prepared themselves to complete the tests of the seven wonders in search of their new supreme. The scene was entirely unnecessary. Ryan Murphy essentially turned the legendary Stevie Nicks into the AHS trophy wife. All flash and no substance serving minimal purpose outside of sheer display. Misty Day saw her demise early on in the finale in a torturous end to perhaps one of the shows most gentle characters. Zoe died though not from boredom (a luxury the viewers weren’t spared of when it came to her character) only to be resurrected by Cordelia. Why is it that only the good characters ever stay dead on this show? Maybe this entire series is really just one long stint in purgatory for everyone. There’s a theory. Kyle murders Madison for refusing to resurrect his true love, Zoe and Ghost! Spalding helps to bury the body. I gotta say, this house had far more helpful and productive ghosts than those who haunted the original season of AHS: Murder House. I’ll take a creepy butler who likes to dress up and play with dolls over spending an eternity with that insufferable family from series 1. Now there’s a real nightmare. Being stuck with Ben and Violet for eternity. Except for Connie Britton. She can stay. No really. Can she please come back? There’s about 9 months until the next series premieres. We can work on it.

With the rise of Cordelia to supreme comes the sacrifice of Myrtle and the much anticipated fall of Fiona. Myrtle proved herself to be Cordelia’s true maternal figure, volunteering to burn at the stake so Cordelia wouldn’t have to risk sullying her reign with Myrtles crimes. She did murder the council and give Cordelia their eyes after all. After a quick burning at the stake where the greatest final words of all time were uttered “Balenciaga!”, Cordelia goes public on national TV, spilling the dish on witch craft and the existence of the coven and appealing to the nation. She assures them that they are no threat, but a haven to witches, resulting in hundreds of girls flooding to the school for enrollment. The coven that was once on it’s last legs was granted new life, with new blood and a definitive safety hazard because no way could all of those girls fit into that one house. In the closing moments of the show, Fiona appears (surprise! she wasn’t really dead last week) and in a non-shocking turn of events, it turns out she was just using the Ax Man to make Cordelia think she was dead. What a great mom, conjuring up fake visions of your murder to inflict upon your daughter. In what was supposed to be the emotional climax of the series, Fiona confesses to having been terrible to Cordelia because she served as a reminder of her own mortality. Cordelia tells her mother to let it all go and give in to her fears. Fiona dies in her daughters arms only to wind up in purgatory forever with The Ax man. Stuck in hell forever living in a  cabin with her murderous lover. I guess that’s what you call Karma? Or the series finale of Dexter. Whatever. With Zoe and Queenie appointed by Cordelia as council, the series ends with the doors to the school opening and Cordelia finally coming into her own, having proven herself to be everything that Fiona wasn’t. Poetic.

Summary: Fiona dies as Cordelia rises to the supremacy. Kyle becomes the new Spalding while Misty, Myrtle and Madison all meet their maker. Holy alliteration! A rushed finale not nearly as strong as the Asylum finale or that series as a whole, but they can’t all be Lana Banana.

(Gif source: http://mscordelia.tumblr.com/)

This post was written by: Evie Luciano


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