The Dads of ‘Full House’ Reunite on Fallon

Just when people were wondering whatever happened to the predictability, the milk man, and the paper boy… one host brings them back together for some late night TV — in particular The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, where the men of Full House bring their daddy instincts back to stage for a mini reunion.

That’s right, Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), and Joey (Dave Coulier) sing the infamous ‘Teddy Bear’ song to a very nervous Jimmy Fallon. During the sketch, Fallon takes on the role of sweet little Michelle, while Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Joey throw it back to the good ol’ days, and runs to Jimmy’s pencil bed side to reassure that when it comes to hosting The Tonight Show, he is “not in big trouble mister.”

But last nights reunion hasn’t been the only one… this week!

John Stamos has been the face of Oikos Greek Yogurt for quite sometime now. With the Super Bowl this Sunday, Bob and Dave joined Stamos in Oikos new Super Bowl commercial for yet another reunion.

Yet another reason to watch the football game… besides the halftime show of course!

This post was written by: Celeste Piraino


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